Steve Jorgensen

Professional Software Developer

Open Source Software Contributions and Development

Contributions to Ruby on Rails
The popular Web application framework written in Ruby
Author of Concise, Executable Guide to JavaScript…
An HTML file containing working code examples that demonstrate JavaScript language principles and output results directly into the page
Original author of VB Lite Unit
A light-weight unit testing platform for Visual Basic 6 and VBA programs
stevecj's Gists
Handy code snippets on Github -- mostly Ruby.

HTML and JavaScript Recreations (Scribbles)

Analo-sizer (an analog-style sythesizer that runs in a Web page)
"" >Coffee n Brats
Navigate and render Mandelbrot Set images your browser
Poi "Flower" Patterns
Simulate poi spinning compount circle (flower) patterns in your browser
A simple demonstration of several neat SVG features